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Posted by on Aug 9, 2017 in Romania's Goodies | 0 comments

6 Reasons to Visit Calea Victoriei

6 Reasons to Visit Calea Victoriei

Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue)  has it’s own history so, if you’re passionate about this kind of things, I encourage you to discover them. Here, in this article, I want to tempt you to go and visit it.

  1. Historical Monuments

Telephone Palace

Building – Victoria Passage

Hristu House


Every building has a story. You’ll see on this street some buildings that look just fine, some that are just abandoned and others that have unfortunate restoration. Many of them have a sign with “historical monument” but I invite you to discover them all.

  1. Museums

National History Museum

Starting with The National History Museum and ending with Cesianu House there are a few places that can be visited. From this point of view I find this tour quite interactive.

  1. The Bike Trail

Romanian Athenaeum

State Monopoly Palace

It’s very obvious that Bucharest has a very bad infrastructure. I can see it, you can see it but if you just want to go for a bike ride in a cool place, you can do that on Calea Victoriei. It’s the only serious trail here. It’s a nice and safe place for this activity.

  1. The Old Promenade

Before I moved in Bucharest I read about Calea Victoriei in a novel and found out that people used to meet here and in the days that the street was closed it was inevitable not to run into some acquaintances. It can be closed today also for some events. This year I went to Spotlight here and it was a delight.

  1. Cafes

Building – Victoria Passage

I have to admit that it’s not very common for me and my friends to hang out here, on Calea Victoriei but maybe it’s because of our local laziness. The truth is that today I saw some interesting cafes that I like to pay a visit some some so I invite you to do that too.

  1. Two great hours

That’s the time it took me to finish this tour from one side to another. I want to tell you that I didn’t visited any museum and haven’t stop at any café but if you do that I think it can take you the whole day.

I invite you to do this tour and tag me @chiqueromania on Instagram.

I wish you inspired trips!

Love, Andreea


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