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Posted by on Sep 12, 2017 in Romania's Goodies | 0 comments

A Day In the Danube Delta

A Day In the Danube Delta

It’s really hard to describe in words … or photos the Danube Delta. It’s a you-just-have-to-be-there kind of place.

It’s my second time here but I’d come over and over again. It’s one of the most amazing trips that you can do in Romania. My No. 1 place is Bucovina that I’ve told you about before.

I started in Tulcea where I took a boat with my family. It was a really nice motor boat that took us through the channels for 7 hours or so.

This trip was intended for relaxation. We stopped just for 2 hours to eat in Mila 23 (Mile 23). But besides that, I just stood on the boat with the wind blowing from ahead and I just admired the nature.

The Danube Delta is the second largest delta in Europe (as Wikipedia says) and it’s really well preserved. The flora and the fauna are absolutely fantastic. I read that there are 260 species of birds here and I was shocked. Because I was amazed by simply seeing the 5-6 species that we could find in our way.

I understood that there are more species to see in May and I recommend you to stay a few days here. You can try to get a small boat so you can get as close to the havens as you can. I don’t know if you can actually get access to all but there are the places the most birds gather.

We sailed along the „Nebunul”(Madman) Lake  and the view was amazing. I felt really sorry for not having a proper photo-video gear but I’m giving you this hint and let you explore more.

I’d really like you to tag me on Instagram using @ChiqueRomania and/or adding a #ChiqueRomania at your adventures in Romania. I want to know what impressed you the most here.

Have a wonderful autumn season, my friends!

Love, Andreea




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