Amsterdam and friendship

It’s already my third visit to Amsterdam. I left home my inner tourist and I met with my friends for a relaxed weekend.

We gave ourselves time to drink some coffee, walk around the city and just talk. Our friend that lives here brought us to Roest. I’m a fan of industrial design so you can imagine how impressed I was. We had some sort of pizza (Flamkuchen) and a juice and sat for a few hours along the canal. I think it’s kinda unusual for Amsterdam but the weather was excelent.

The next day we spent it all in Haarlem. I didn’t get to look around too much (we were visiting someone) but I met new people, we laughed alot and in the evening we ate at Toujours. The girls were saying that this small city is fancier than Amsterdam.

The last day we spent it mostly in traffic. In the morning we tried to find a bistro, a considerable effort, since many were closed while others were packed with people. In the end we found something and we had our coffee and hour later but just in time to head over Keukenhof. Maybe the wonderful weather is “to blame” for turning this place into such a crowded one (it was 19 degres Celsius).

After an hour of staying in line and another one in the traffic we managed to walk in the park for a half an hour and be back in time at the airport.

Anyhow, it was worth it and hopefully next time we will spend more time here.

I wish you inspired vacations!

Love, Andreea



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