Autumn in Moghioroș Park

I opened wide the window in the morning and I could smell the burned leaves. It’s autumn alright, I said. Throughout all the summer I have traveled and I didn’t get to enjoy the parks in Bucharest so, if the leaves were just starting to fall, I felt the need to visit the park in my old neighbourhood.





It’s so different compared to how it was nine years ago and I can’t tell whether I can feel again those moments but I walked quietly exploring. I have to admit that the new configuration of the park offers more oportunities for different activities than it did before.





Here I did my first jogg with my friend, Flav, but I don’t think that I recognize the alley anymore. I know that we thought it will be easy and it turned out to be soooo hard. I think I ran only a few meters and I stopped. Flav was more stubborn and persisted a few more meters. We tried to catch our breath and then we start again but in the end we sat on a bench and talked alot. We still talk that much. What do you say, Flav, about this view? I’m waiting for you to jogg for real this time.




It is pretty cold but nice. The leaves started to fall but the grass is still green even though it’s November already. I walked on the green grass and step over the autumn leaves and they rustled.




Love, Andreea

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