Baking for Easter

Rarely do I try to cook something for the holidays but this year I’ve decided to make one of my favorite Easter desserts.

Yup, this year I made “pască”. But the one with bellows cheese. I don’t know about you but I simply love the combination between the sweet and salty taste.

The dough was easy to make because it’s the same as the one for the sweetbread and I’ve tried doing that already a few years ago. That one was highly appreciated so I expect the same for my “pască” although it doesn’t look too good. The filling is with bellows cheese, eggs and sugar. You can add several things more but this is the short version.

As a custom, the “pască” has religious meaning and it symbolizes the eternal life. The way it is decorated brings together other Christian symbols for the Resurrection Holiday because that’s what we celebrate on Easter.

There are many traditions surrounding this holiday but I kept only a few. For Easter I like to wear something new, tap red eggs  and, of course, dine with my family.  There is a lot to talk about food and there are many traditional dishes but this year I will stay on my “pască” and on my mom’s lamb haggis.

Happy easter!

Love, Andreea



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