Celebrating Dragobete in Bucharest

Maybe you already knew or maybe not, but Romanians have their own version of Lover’s Day, known as Dragobete and it’s celebrated on the 24th of February.

If you haven’t visited Bucharest before, Dragobete Day is an awesome occasion especially if you want to celebrate in a different way.

I suggest you to take your better half and start exploring Bucharest. Take your boots and just discover it. There are many interesting places hidden behind the little streets. The weather is moody in Romania during this time of the year so wearing layers is the most inspired choice.

You can make a cultural tour by visiting the Art Museum (MNAR) or Antipa, History Museum or Military Circle or all, if you’re staying longer than a weekend. You can also try the tea houses around here. A hot tea is still nice, isn’t it?

If you want a sophisticated lunch but at the same time a cool ambience I recommend Mahala restaurant. The gipsy slum décor and gourmet food are a nice combo for celebrating Dragobete.

All the photos from Mahala are by Alexandra Bucur. Thank you so much for contributing!


In the evening, or in one of the evenings, you can go to the Astronomic Observatory. Be sure it’s a clear sky and visit their website to check out the perfect hour to go there. If you’re curious, you can go there during daytime and see the sun through a telescope with special lenses. This thing is cooler than all the teddy bears and heart-shaped-objects on the market.







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