Celebrating Labour Day

On Labour Day nobody is working and since this year it was on a Monday, we could all enjoy a long weekend. I have my top 3 classic ways to celebrate this day in Romania:

  1. Outdoor barbeque

It doesn’t matter where you are, anyone can find a wood somehow. Basically every event like this it’s commonly celebrated at a barbeque. If you’re lucky enough to find a group like this in Romania, you have to try “mici”.

  1. Camping at the seaside

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s allowed to camp on the beach in Vama Veche anymore but some years ago you could. Anyway, loots of people go to the seaside on the 1st of May because of the summer season’s opening: terraces, clubs, resorts. The photo with the tents was taken on a beach near Corbu wich was empty at the time.

  1. Party until sunrise

North Mamaia became a trend in these last years. It’s super fun to party until sunrise. Well, when I used to celebrate 1st of May in Vama Veche I had no option but to dance because it was waaay too cold. I used to sleep a few hours, in the morning, from sunrise and until out tent started heating up.

I like this day and although this year a chose to stay in Bucharest I have a dear memory of the past years when I was stubborn enough to freeze on this occasion near the seaside.


Love, Andreea



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