Enjoy Constanța Like a Kid

This trip to the seaside was made for a certain reason. I wanted to go at the Scallops Festival again and if I started the weekend being a foodie, I continued with some dessert too.

I received several recommendations but I chose three. How many sweets can one person eat in one go? I think that eating sweets shouldn’t be a daily habit.

  1. The Donut Library

These people are like everywhere in the city but I wanted to make them a visit at the donut-cafe and I really liked the atmosphere there. I saw them in two malls also. Although I had a lot of fun with that little cookie monster, my favorites are still the ones with caramel.

  1. D’italy gelato

It wasn’t a summer weather… because, ofcourse, it’s not summer yet but I’m indulging myself already with some ice-cream. This ice-cream shop is in Tomis Port, so it was indulging indeed. I love the view from the port.

P.S.: The „little” boats started to show up.

  1. Bel Eclair

This is a very little confectionery and if you don’t know about it you can’t really bump into it. It’s not right in the city center but it’s worth your way there. I took for home the mini versions so I can taste as many as possible. They have twelve kinds of eclairs but I chose just eight this time and they were delicious.

Many thanks to my friend, Elis, for the recommendations and to my mom for the company and photos! :*

Love, Andreea



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