Florence and The 4 Gifts

What can be more beautiful than a gift in experiences. My friends, Geo and Rox, thought to offering me a trip just for us girls in a beautiful city that none of us had visited before. They bet on Florence and they won. Actually, we all did. We could make one-day trips to wonderful Lucca and Pisa.

I couldn’t keep only to myself all this so I’m going to share with you some of the amazing gifts from Florence.

  1. The wonderful streets we strolled on every day and we made memories. The Dome can be seen from many directions. It’s really imposing and gives another dimension to the city.





  1. The undergound art. There was a particular artist that caught my attention and he/she signed his/her works as “Blub”. I search on the internet and I found out that those works are a part of the “collection” “L’arte Sa Nuotare”(The Arts Know How to Swim). It’s fantastic.

  1. The door handles. They are totaly special and Rox told me that it’s something special in this area. They are indeed very used but I could find some quite unique.

  1. Pisa tower, We made so many plans on how to pose, from what direction, how to “push” the tower. We had to improvise because it rained and we wanted to lay down. I wanted to hold the umbrella on top of the tower. After we had our time posing and making selfies we started to see the big picture: bunch of people staying with their arms in the air, trying to syncronise with the photographer. Yu know what I mean. This amused us even more.

Girls, thank you so much for this amazing gift! Above all, I enjoyed your company and all this time spent together.

Love, Andreea

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