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Posted by on Aug 15, 2017 in Romania's Goodies | 0 comments

Free Things to Do in Bucharest

Free Things to Do in Bucharest

For foreigners, Romania is not that expensive but still, you can get to know Bucharest for free. Ok, maybe minus the transport… a bottle of water and a sandwich :))) Anyway, you can buy whatever you want but here are some free things you can do/visit here in the capital.

  1. The parks

I have already told you about Carol Park and Cișmigiu Park that have lots of stories between their alleys. I will add Herastrau park, declaired historic monument, in which I almost get lost every time but I’m never getting bored of it.

Carol Park

Cișmigiu Park

Herăstrău Park
  1. Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue)

I have told you about this one before but I really want to reiterate the idea that this street is like an open air “museum”. From one side to another you will see buildings that are in fact historical monuments, museums and even art galleries. And this leads me to the next point.

State Monopoly Palace

Cantacuzino Palace

  1. Galeria Artelor, Cercul Militar (Arts Gallery, Military Circle)

Many people are passing by this place without knowing, perhaps, that they can enter here without paying any tax. You can see here temporary painting or photography exhibitions of some local artists. I’m always curious about the exhibitions here. You can even buy art but that wouldn’t be free, isn’t it?

  1. Pasajul Macca-Villacrosse (Macca-Villacrosse Passage)

And, if we’re still on Victory Avenue, I want to recommend you one of the first places that amazed me in the first year I moved to Bucharest: Villacrosse Passage. This is a historical monument too and it was built by the architect Felix Xenopol. This passage is covered with colored glass and at the ground floor you can find cafes and small shops. At my last visit some repairs were made. I have to admit that it doesn’t look that “fresh” but the atmosphere is the same that enchanted me over ten years ago.

Love, Andreea


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