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Posted by on Jul 20, 2017 in Romania's Goodies | 0 comments

Getting Lost in the City

Getting Lost in the City

Honestly, I didn’t know what story to tell you this time about this summer in Bucharest. I wanted to recommend you some cool places but I will show my process in finding new subjects to write about instead.

I started from Carturesti and I slowly got lost on the little streets. Just so you know, this is a wonderful place to enjoy the shade of the trees and I will return at the bower of Café Verona. Today instead is only for walking, with the precise intention to simply wander around.

I arrived on Verona Street and I was amazed how colorful it became. I don’t really remember my last time here but this was my favorite area when I first moved in Bucharest.

Gradina Icoanei was a charming, quiet park. Now it’s full with swings and machines for children. I believe that now is more suitable for families with kids so if that’s your case, I highly recommend it to you.

I walked further and arrived on Dacia Boulevard and I stayed with my eyes up high, to admire the buildings. They are amazing and often I crossed the street to see them better from the opposite sidewalk.

I ended my tour after two hours at Roman Square and I took some extra time to admire the lights of the last wave of cars before the night will truly fall.

Although I don’t have a particular recommendation I hope you liked this story. I’m waiting for you with a tag @chiqueromania on Instagram if you got inspired by my tour.

Have a beautiful summer!

Love, Andreea

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