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Posted by on Jun 27, 2017 in Lifestyle made in Ro, Romania's Goodies | 0 comments

How to Escape Bucharest Without Leaving the City

How to Escape Bucharest Without Leaving the City

If it’s summer it means that the weekends in Bucharest are very chill. It’s not so crowded anymore and you can “escape” Bucharest without leaving the city.

My favorite place to escape the city is Cotroceni neighborhood. It’s so quiet and beautiful! I’ve parked in front of Infinitea and headed on the stepped streets around lunch time, when people may have finished their lunch and already started doing the siesta. Only in the park I could see a few children.

If you want to escape the city too, you can start from Eroilor metro station and choose one of the streets. Any of them would do and you’ll instantly feel that you’re in a different Bucharest. Admire the houses and walk on the stepped streets. You’ll reach at Romniceanu Park. If you’ll go up on the steps you’ll reach at a residential complex that was held by the army and finally find the Military Academy. If you want to take pictures you’ll have to be discreet because people around here are a little paranoid about their homes.

On your way back you can stop for an ice-cream frappe, my favorite for the summer, at Infinitea because they opened the terrace and it’s really nice in here.

Wonderful summer!

Love, Andreea


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