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Posted by on Jun 20, 2017 in Romania's Goodies | 2 comments

Raw-vegan Meal in Bucharest

Raw-vegan Meal in Bucharest

If it’s still summer, it would be such a shame not to enjoy the food flavors that this season is offering.

In case you wonder, I’m neither a raw-vegan nor a vegan. Of course, I have a very big amount of vegetarian food in my daily menu, but that’s not I want to talk about today.

Maybe you’re raw-vegan or vegan yourself and you’re visiting Bucharest or maybe you just want to try something new. All right then, I tried for the first time a raw-vegan lunch menu at RawCoco.

As the lady that served me said, if it’s the first time you’re trying raw-vegan food then you should start with the desserts. And in some ways I think that’s true. I’m a fan of raw-vegan sweets for a couple of years now. I even celebrated my birthday once with raw-vegan cake, also from RawCoco, wich made sensation among the guests. The question “Is it really raw?” says it all.

Here, the menu changes every day except some basic products. Have you been here? What did you find here?

My first course was pea soup. I asked if it’s cooked in any way, and I think I’ve amused them a bit with my question, but the truth is that it’s not. If you’re new to this, like me, it’s really surprising. The beans were so soft and the flavor delicious.

The second course totally surprised me: pizza. Yup, it’s raw-vegan pizza, of course. The “dough” was a seeds crust that was made with a dehydrator and the rest… is magic.

If I should choose a single word to describe every first bite, that would be “wonder”. The flavors surprised me in a very nice way. If you’re used to this kind of food maybe you won’t be surprised but I’m sure you’ll like it.

I think it’s obvious that I couldn’t eat the dessert too but I bought something for home.

Have you ever tried raw-vegan food? Have you been in Bucharest? What’s your favorite place here?

Love, Andreea




  1. I love the pics. So lively! My experience with raw vegan food started with rawdia. Almost everything I tried was wonderful: burger (if you can imagine that), zucchini pasta, raspberry cake. Maybe we can try again both of the places together.

    • Thank yooou! You made me curious about Rawdia. It’s a plan. They had burger here too but I chose pizza :D

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