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Posted by on Iul 10, 2014 in Poveşti românești | 0 comments

Baking Christmas

Baking Christmas

Last days were very busy but also enjoy them. I think everybody got into the Christmas fever. I know I did, though, it’s the first year when I finished the presents earlier (I’m usualy a last moment person).

I didn’t get to make something special for my friends, but I had fun doing Christmas decoration with Haute bijoux Marquise ( They are made from pasta and they turn out lovely and funny. Here are some making of photos.

Happy baking,


BakingChristmas_Chiqueromania.com_02 BakingChristmas_Chiqueromania.com_03 BakingChristmas_Chiqueromania.com_04 BakingChristmas_Chiqueromania.com_05 BakingChristmas_Chiqueromania.com_06 BakingChristmas_Chiqueromania.com_07 BakingChristmas_Chiqueromania.com_08 BakingChristmas_Chiqueromania.com_09 BakingChristmas_Chiqueromania.com_10 BakingChristmas_Chiqueromania.com_11

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