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Posted by on Jun 24, 2017 in Romanian Stories | 0 comments

Romanian Blouse Day

Romanian Blouse Day

I’m very happy that this symbol, ia, has its own special day and, by watching the social media, I’m very pleased to see that more and more people come across this “movement”.

Everything was made possible by Andreea Tănăsescu, the founder of La Blouse Roumaine community, and, the rest of us, we couldn’t help but only be happy for all this.

I wear a Bucovinean ie, sewn in beads, that I’ve found during my trips around Romania and which is very, very dear to me.

I hope you like it too and I hope that you feel inspired to wear one as well. Men can also find a traditional shirts that I hope to see more often in casual outfits. This is just a thought.

Happy Romanian Blouse Day!

Love, Andreea


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