Saint Nicholas in Romania

On this evening the children from Romania are cleaning their boots for St. Nicholas. Usually, St. Nicholas brings presents to all the good children. Of course, today, all the family members prepare their boots, because it’s a wonderful time to exchange little presents.


Funny facts about St. Nicholas:

  1. Usually St. Nicholas brings sweets as gifts

I had the habbit to gather them all during winter Holidays and  enjoy them later on.

  1. Naughty ones receive some rods

I had never received this but I had always been nervous about it. He is a redeeming saint and he actually brings punishment.

  1. Nicholas comes riding a white horse

As a child I didn’t know that and I still can’t imagine him like this. Anyway, it is said that this Holiday signifies the beginnig of the winter.

  1. Gifts under the pillow

There are regions where the presents are left under the pillow while the children sleep. I received presents boths ways. Probably I was to young to clean my own boots.

  1. He is the protector of the poor

There is a legend wich says that St. Nicholas heard about two young women who were poor and couldn’t get married in the lack of the dowry so, one night, he threw through the window few puches with money. Those ended up in the socks and boots. It is also said that he sold his fortune to help the poor.

Are your boots ready for tonight?

Love, Andreea



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