Spotlight 2017

Knowing about Spotlight festival since last year, I didn’t want it to miss the opportunity this year either.

I began my walking tour on Splaiul Independenței, from the ducks. This was a floating light fixture but you couldn’t tell too well what they were but you could hear a quack in the speaker.

Slowly I arrived in front of the CEC Palace and I was instantly amazed by those illusions and the background sound. I really liked the program and I watched it several times, back and forth.

The following light displays didn’t impress me too much. The next interesting thing was the projection with a honeycomb lookalike pattern. Of course everybody waited for their turn to be photographed with the guardians of the time. Here I was very disappointed that I couldn’t convince any of my friends to come with me. I took some lousy selfies but I liked this light display.

Next was the disco. It was such a shame that people didn’t dance. It would have been fun. Of course, at some point I started to get dizzy and went further.

I found next the University library building (Biblioteca Universitară) all so colorful. It was a very nice image. Unfortunately they weren’t too many people at this event (not as many as last year, anyhow).

All in all, I liked it but I was expecting something much more dynamic and impressive. On my way back I stopped once again to see the show at the CEC Palace and then went home for real because I was freezing.

Love, Andreea

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