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Posted by on Jul 6, 2017 in Romania's Goodies | 0 comments

Summer Faves

Summer Faves

I’ve arrived in Constanta for just two days but they were pretty busy. The target was simple: our friend’s Bachelorette Party. I can’t say too much about the party buuuut I managed to gather for you, in just two days, my favorite summer activities here in Constanta and, off course, I recommend them to you.

  1. The beach

This time we chose a beach somewhere in Mamaia. It’s ok there, but much better to the North if you want to avoid the families with small children. We couldn’t this time but you should really try the North part. It’s far more suited for young people that seek fun all day and all night. Still, one of my favorite beaches here is Modern beach which I really think you should try although I don’t know what kind of people go there anymore. It was kinda posh when I was a kid and that images still lingers in my mind.

  1. The Old Town

The historical center in Constanta is in the Peninsular area. It’s not that big but it’s enough to “get lost” on the small streets. I started in Ovidiu Square and took a turn on an alley to reach The house with the lions (Casa cu lei). It looks worse day after day and I saw a plastic wrap around there but if you’re in Constanta you have to pay it a visit. It’s on the historical monuments list and has a true architectural value and a rich history.

You can also see it from up, from the mosque’s tower. If you’re dressed decently you can visit the mosque for just a few “lei”(Romanian money).

Another historical monument that I’ve passed by and also left to decay is Intim Hotel. From an architectural point of view it was built in an eclectic style and if you’re passionate about this kind of stuff you’ll really enjoy this area. When I was little you couldn’t visit it properly but now they revived the neighborhood and it’s safe.

  1. The Port of Tomis

On top of my favorite things to do in the summer is to just sit here at one of these little restaurants. No matter if I want just a coffee, an ice cream or to really eat something, I can find them all here. The view relaxes me and as I try to stay outdoors as much as I can, on the terraces, I try to make myself very comfortable here and enjoy the breeze flowing across the stationed boats. Also this arrangement is kinda new but works well. You can go on a sea trip with one of the ships over here but if you’re seasick just skip it. Wasn’t fun for me at all :P

Have a wonderful summer!

Love, Andreea

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