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Posted by on Jul 25, 2017 in Romania's Goodies | 0 comments

Vama Veche – 2017 Edition

Vama Veche – 2017 Edition

What could I say first about our trip to Vama Veche? What can you tell about a place that is so changed than the way you knew it?

I’ve written about Vama Veche before and I realize now that those reasons I gave you to come here are no longer available. I already noticed the change but I didn’t imagine that this will be the direction. I recommended this place for young people, hedonists, rockers. Now this place is really eclectic. Let’s say it has a “personality crisis” because it has no longer a particular target. But you can come here. It’s still more “savage” than other places and you have many things to choose from: beach, food, music.

In the first day we just wandered all the way up and down and I was just amazed about everything. I was amazed by the way this place looks these days, what kind of people you can find here, the music. If I should describe it in just one word, that would be “colorful”. It looks cheerful and I like it.

Photo by Alexandra Bucur

In the end we chose “The book beach” (Plaja de carte) because it was quiet. And I was amazed, once again, on how great the coffee is here and I really liked the design. This terrace has a bohemian look.

I was associating Vama Veche with hot beer in plastic bottle and canteen food, when we could afford it. Not anymore! This time we went to a restaurant and I had baked fish with apple.

Both days we spent time at Amphora and it’s quite relaxing in those “boats”. Although we prepared our bathing suits, the weather wasn’t appropriate. It would have been the first time I had a sunbathe here.

Our accommodation was something special. I traded the tent with a bungalow at Tagoo. I consider this being a good barter.

I will always keep a nostalgia for high school days, but as a matter of fact I’m not the same either and I think it’s a good thing. It’s bad to stay in just the same place. And exactly from this point of view I think is amazing that me and Sandra chose to celebrate our 20 years of friendship right here. We all have changed but here we are, still together.

Love, Andreea



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