10 Things To Do When it Rains

Because it’s March, because it’s raining for some days, because we love rain.

So, in a rainy day of March:

1. Admire the rain on the window
2. Walk in the rain
3. Listen to Jazz
4. Read a book ( I read Fănuş Neagu – The Beautiful Madmen of Big Cities)
5. Drink a tea at Infinitea (Str. Dr. Grigore Romniceanu 7, Bucharest)
6. Photograph the rain
7. Drink a late coffee under the blanket
8. Go to a concert at Sala Radio (I went, in another rainy evening, to listen Romanian Radio Big Band in a wonderful Jazz concert)
9. Make beauty treatments (guys, you have things to do too)
10. Smile

Love, Andreea

Rainy Day_ ChiqueRomania (1)

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