3 Years of Chique Romania

Today started as usual. I made breakfast, I’ve had my coffee in front of my laptop trying to organize the day and I posted the Pelisor’s anniversary movie. I petted my cat and I’ve checked my agenda.

Suddenly I received a Facebook reminder: Chique Romania’s anniversary. OMG! How could I forget?

In the end there were cookies that I’ve enjoyed with my folks. Many thanks to my parents that are always by my side and support me. Today’s anniversary was celebrated at Dulce, near Ovidiu Square in Constanța (Tomis 23), in a very spontaneous and relaxed way.

Anniversary_ChiqueRomania (1)

The project ChiqueRomania started in college out of pure passion, without a plan. It started with my pictures made on the road. Ongoing I discovered much more than just a few pretty landscapes. For me, Romania, remains an infinite inspiration anywhere I go.

Anniversary_ChiqueRomania (2)
I invite you to continue to discover Romania, as I get to know it, every day.

Love, Andreea

Update: Unfortunately, Dulce has closed.


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