Bucharest (București)


I didn’t like Bucharest at the beginning. I thought it was crazy to live here, but I came often with my parents to visit relatives and… malls. As a matter of fact, this was the only reason for enthusiasm: shopping. Constanta, my hometown (I will write about this some other time), wasn’t so big and the crowded months were only 3, in the summer. The rest of the time it was perfect for romantics. Btw: winter on the seaside is not so bad.

I live here now. I have… seven years already and I really enjoy it. I may say that I began to fall for Bucharest after about a year. I’ve made new friends and a new life style. Interesting things happen here. I have some favorite places (who doesn’t?) were I always come back with pleasure, but usually I go where I have never been before.

The photography at the top it was made from the last floor of my university (we were studying very late and reach to catch a beautiful sunset). It is a small part of Old Center (Centrul Vechi) and in the background there are Unirii Square buildings (Piata Unirii).

Love, Andreea

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