Cismigiu is the first park I’ve ever visitied in Bucharest. It was during highschool and I went there with my school mates. It was during autumn and the weather was hot. The park was full with people. I had the feeling that I could easily get lost in it.
Today my perspective had changed. It feels like the park doesn’t look that big but it is still a romantic place. I surely would’ve loved to study at Lazar Highschool and to experience moments similar to those I’ve read in books, like being together with a boy on a boat while he rowed down the lake.
If you are a high schooler I suggest you to take the girl you like for a ride on a boat. If you are a student, you can do something simple like enjoying a homemade sandwich or a begle while resting on a bench. Those who retired from work can always come during spring and enjoy the magnolias in full bloom. And for the rest of you, this is a wonderful place for strolling. Take a walk on each alley and experience the feeling of getting lost in the park.



Cismigiu_Bucharest_ChiqueRomania (2) Cismigiu_Bucharest_ChiqueRomania (1)

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