Coffee in Bucharest

When in Bucharest, you must have your coffee at least once at Origo.

One of my friends brought me here and since I also bring other Bucharest friends, or ones that are just visiting.

I like to wake up in the morning to enjoy my coffee but I often end up having one more at noon. Coffee all day long. I try not to exceed two a day though.

My usual coffee choice had always been Long Espresso but this time I asked for a recommendation. So I’ve decided to have a filter coffee (Chemex) with a citric flavor. They told me it has more caffeine than an espresso but the taste is lighter. Enjoyed it!

I recommend visiting this place if you are interested in experimenting a little with coffee. There are four methods for making coffee and many combinations. If you want to learn more, you can. These guys are very well documented.

Happy coffee! Address: Lipscani no. 9

Love, Andreea

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