Family Road Trip – First Impressions

Finally I’ve found some time to write. These last days were pretty busy with the luggage and departure.

We started out journey from Constanta, I kissed my cat good bye in Bucharest and we drove away. We changed the route, of course. How could we not to?

My plans and list were left on pending (I will make a trip especially for this) and we headed straight to Vatra Dornei.

The first stop was for a coffee in Sinaia at the Casino. I wanted to take my folks here very bad because I like this place so much since my friend Roxi introduced me here. I love black coffee so I chose one with oriental spices (Baccara I think) . We walked a little into the beautiful park and then continued out trip.



_MG_3428Dimitrie Ghica Park – Sinaia

_MG_3432Sinaia Casino (Dimitrie Ghica Park)

_MG_3436Sinaia Casino



In the evening we arrived in a small but very beautiful village (I fell in love right away) called Izvoru Mureşului and spent the night in a dreamy house where I will definitely come back. “Casa Aura” has a gorgeous garden where I enjoyed my breakfast and drink my coffee that seemed to have so much more flavor than usual. I met also Azorel but, unfortunately, with all the playing I forgot to take a picture of him.

_MG_3447Morning view from Casa Aura

_MG_3449Mom and Dad at Casa Aura

My dad drove all day so I could admire the landscape and take pictures from time to time. The route is marvelous and it was very interesting to observe how quickly the scenery was changing. Next day the weather was moody but we had a lot of luck and we still got to sail in a boat on “Lacul Roşu” (Red Lake).

_MG_3462Landscape Izvoru Mureşului -> “Lacul Roşu”

_MG_3473“Lacul Roşu”

_MG_3493“Lacul Roşu”

_MG_3497“Lacul Roşu”

This lake has a love story legend behind it. Estela was in love with a charming brave man from the region whose name remain unknown. Their love lasted a sort time as the man was taken into the army and Estela, who was waiting for him, was abducted by a thief to marry her. It is said that then, she asked the mountains for help and they crumble over both of them.

_MG_3500“Lacul Roşu”

_MG_3512“Lacul Roşu”

_MG_3527“Lacul Roşu”

_MG_3552“Lacul Roşu”

_MG_3558“Lacul Roşu”

As a matter of fact that’s the way this lake was formed: after a natural disaster when the mountains collapsed into the valley. It is said that there were much more victims at that time (an entire village was covered) and the lake is also know by the name “Lacul Ucigaşul” (Killer Lake). On the whole surface you can see old tree stumps that were petrified in time.

Later on, we passed through Cheile Bicazului. It doesn’t last long to pass but it’s very beautiful. We stopped to look around the boutiques (I’m doing this since I was a child). A little later we could admire Barajul Bicaz (Bicaz Dam). We drove along the lake and then along Bistriţa River until we’ve arrived in Vatra Dornei.

_MG_3601Bicaz Dam

_MG_3604Vatra Dornei

_MG_3607Vatra Dornei

_MG_3610Vatra Dornei

It was already evening when we arrived but we still strolled on the city streets. I have to admit that the clothes I took are a little too lose (I get chilly very fast). The weather is changeable and I, coming from hot Bucharest, will freeze a little. At the inn I asked for an extra pillow. But no matter the how weather is, I’m sure that in the morning when I’ll wake up, I’ll have a marvelous view when I open the window.


Love, Andreea

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