Family Road Trip

For me, my family is a crazy crew and the idea that I will travel with my parents for two weeks makes me think of an adventure. It’s been a while since our last trip so I planned it for long time. Me… because they are more spontaneous: no reservations, no rigid plans, just a few targets in mind. We don’t have the same style but my folks are more or less in an adolescence spirit. At least that’s the way I see them (and some of my friends).

We’re starting out trip in Constanţa, we pass through Bucharest, we head to the center of the country and we will cross the East side of the country by starting in its Northern part and heading towards South, and then back again to Constanţa. I’m very curious about how it will all work out.

In the meantime, I’ve made a survival kit that is supposed to bring me peace of mind and security (I’m pretty meticulous). So, my luggage isn’t complete without: my camera, laptop, snacks (cashew/almonds/nuts), Wassa crackers, supplies and minimal fitness accessories.

See you on the road!


Love, Andreea

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