First Day of Spring

It is the first day of Spring.

I managed, this time, to make some “martisoare”.

Martisorul it’s an old tradition and there are many beliefs surrounding it. It is said that if a girl wears the martisor she will not suffer from sunburn in the spring. In some regions, girls receive martisoare from boys while in others, as Northern Moldova, it is exactly the opposite.

A friend told me she knows that the martisor thread should be tighten by a boy and the girl should wear it all month and then, the boy cuts the thread and bind it to a tree. If the tree blossoms, it will fulfill the girl’s wish.

The colors of the thread can symbolize spring and winter, love and health, the thread of Baba Dochia or the seasons.

In short, it is a kind of lucky charm.

Have a wonderful spring!

Love, Andreea



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