There are moments in life, when you decide to take another road, try something new and discover yourself or even reinvent. There are moments when you reappraise your life and realize that, maybe, you are not where you think or dreamed you will, when you were a child. There are white nights when you’re thinking nothing but yourself. There are bits when you see yourself as you truly are: YOU. Whatever that means, you become conscious of yourself and exist.

The truth is that you can’t live without yourself. Everyone is everything for themselves. Life is a fantastic experience and to be human it’s a “quality” it’s a shame to waste. You have all the tools in you. You just have to discover them; or rediscover. The truth is that you are always on the road. The truth is you can always make a new start.

I always start all over again and this is a brand new start, a new feeling and a testimony. It is an adventure that I choose to share with you. So, with this being said: this is my Romania.

Love, Andreea

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