Second Snow

After three days of staying home, drinking lot of tea and taking lot of pills, I finally get outside to enjoy winter. I woke up like I did when I was little: very early (it was still dark) and enthusiastic (although I had two exams). It was snowing for two days and I was anxious. During breakfast I admired the snowflakes on the window, then I took my bag and camera and left the house.

I arrived in the Old Center where everything was so quiet and few people with shovels were removing the snow. It is usually crowded but today I get to enjoy the view.

At lunch I went with some friends at City Grill (Str. Gabroveni). It’s one of our favorite restaurants in the Old Center. It was warm and nice and the fireplace there was just right. I ate a kind of polenta ball (if you like polenta, you will appreciate it) aaand drink some tea.

Enjoy the photos!

Love, Andreea

_St.Selari_ChiqueRomania Piata Unirii_ChiqueRomania Hanul Manuc_ChiqueRomania Int.Selari_ChiqueRomania St. Covaci_ChiqueRomania St. Lipscani_ChiqueRomania St. Selari_ChiqueRomania St.Academiei_ChiqueRomania CityGrill-Covaci _ChiqueRomania _City Grill-Covaci _ChiqueRomania

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