Spotlight 2016

It was the second edition of Spotlight festival in Bucharest. As soon as I saw the event I’ve texted my friends and we headed to Calea Victoriei.

Spotlight_ChiqueRomania (5)

Spotlight_ChiqueRomania (4)

Spotlight_ChiqueRomania (2)

There were lots of people, as usual. My favorites were the light projections but the HoloFace gave me an interesting feeling. I felt like I was in a movie. Very cool idea and I think that their message was successfully sent.
Spotlight_ChiqueRomania (3)

The little ones had their fun around the installations. I also tried to give the giant guy a kiss (Fantastic planet) but I couldn’t (although I was pretty close).

Spotlight_ChiqueRomania (6)

It seems that I had a weakness for giant installations this year. Maybe I have forgotten how big this world is. I’ll sure remember that now.

Love, Andreea

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