Weekend in Braşov

I left with my friends towards Braşov without too many plans but I was very surprised to see that the city was full. We caught “Mişcarea face bine” event, the biggest sport class and, yet again, I could see how many people are interested in sports.

I’m visiting Braşov regularly since I was a kid and I come back every time with pleasure. This time it was the event but the city itself it’s a very beautiful place to be.

On the first day we have wandered on the streets. Every time I admire the buildings and the atmosphere of every street. We had the good inspiration to take a room right in the historical center so we spent there most of the time. You can find many restaurant terraces everywhere around. You can choose one that suits you.

We decided a little hard but in the end we went to Bistro de l’Arte where I personally liked the atmosphere and kind serving (although the order was brought a little late). I liked the spinach pasta with cheese. Maybe I should come back and try all the specialty from the menu. If you ever wander on the streets of Braşov, search for Strada Sforii (String Street). When you’ll find it you’ll know why is it called that way.

You have to visit The Black Church (Biserica Neagrã). I won’t say anything else, just go and visit it! This time we skipped BUT you should also visit Bran Castle (Castelul Bran). I was amazed by its simplicity and thought that I actually could live there.

If you enjoy culinary experiences, I recommend to go to an Ice Cream shop on Str. Grigore Bariţiu no.3. I tried liquorice and violet (the violets being the favorite).

For night-fun lovers you can go to Irish Pub. The employees are funny and prompt. You will love it there. You can eat, drink, dance. Perfect, right?


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