Weekend in Constanţa

Because I lived, when I was a child, in Constanţa, my activities are limited. Usually, coming home on weekends means that I have to see everybody.

This time though I came in Constanţa for relaxation. I’m sorry for my friends that I didn’t get to met but I felt the need to be a little egoist. My No.1 target was relaxation and I’ve nailed it.

What can I say… On the first day I went to the beach in Mamaia Nord. In weekends is full so if you want to catch a beach chair/ canopy/ pillow you must make a reservation. We didn’t do that so of course we couldn’t find anything, so we managed to find some benches to lay on and get some tan. This was the warm-up.

In the evening we went for some night fun in Mamaia Nord as well. You have many choices. Basically, Mamaia Nord is an exclusive place. We chose Crazy Beach Club and I have to say that we usually come here every time. The party begins at 1am and lasts till morning. At 4 am when we left, the atmosphere was still on. If you can handle, stay till sunrise.

The second day we headed to Eforie Nord. A beach without airs and graces, where we can have some quality time and continue to get a tan. It was playing music from the ’90s, families with children were there and the beach chair was three times cheaper. We stayed here all day long. Azur Beach (Plaja Azur) has a restaurant. The food is very good but the order lasts too long. We took advantage of this opportunity to stay safe during the noon. The sea, at least that day, had a wonderful color. I was a little sad because I don’t know how to swim. I think I’m going to add this to my “to do” list.

Of course you can visit some places in Constanţa but during summer, I recommend to visit the Romanian sea side for fun. Stay on the beach all day and go dancing in the night. You will have a story to tell to your nephews.

Love, Andreea




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