Mussels… mussels

When I’ve decided to come in Constanța I had no other plan in mind. That happens often to me. I thought that I will meet some friends and I will spend a nice time with them.

I did met them but I it seems that I ended up right in the midle of an event again. Last weekend was Scallops Festival. From all the sea foods I like shrimps the most but I couldn’t miss this kind of feast.

Mussels-festival _ ChiqueRomania (5)

Ovidiu square in Constanta was crowded. I didn’t really know what queue to choose because every food tent had it’s own food specialities. I’ve walked around for a while and with difficulty, actually searching for some gorgonzola mussels that my friend made me crave for, I’ve finally sat in line for some coconut mussels. I like coconut and in the end that’s what I’ve decided to have.

Mussels-festival _ ChiqueRomania (2)

Mussels-festival _ ChiqueRomania (1)

Usually I like small mussels, for that they have a denser texture, but it was interesting for me to find one that I consider to be a perfect mussel.

Mussels-festival _ ChiqueRomania (4)

I’m not sure about their aphrodisiac effect but the fact that some “things” happen to be so similar to our body parts it’s undeniable. Anyway, if you really want a meal with a happy end it’s best to find some quiet place. Probably, just a few from all the people that feasted in the midle of the city felt something in this way.

But it was fun and I’m waiting for more events like this one.

Love, Andreea

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  1. Ce interesante combinatii pentru scoici, nu am mai vazut asa ceva. Sunt aduse din Marea Neagra?

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