With the Bachelorettes in Barcelona (I)

If you were wondering where to spend the next crazy summer I’d say to take your bff squad and book your flight to Barcelona. At least that’s what we did for our friend’s Lavinia Bachelorette Party. I’m sure that we couldn’t have enjoyed this city to its full potential in just these four days that we stayed but we “tasted” a little from all.

Barcelona_ChiqueRomania (4)

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And when I said “tasted”, I mean both literally and metaphorical speaking. After a sleepless night spent in the airport and then on the plane, we got together to find out what the city has to offer in the terms of food. That’s how we discovered Ugot Bruncherie. In a bohemian décor I had, I think, the most delicious breakfast. That sophisticated simplicity, if I can put these words together side by side, of my homemade bread with ricotta, honey and walnuts served with a cup of black coffee gave me a vibe that I hope it will stay with me a long time from now on. It made me think about the everyday life and how we’re constantly missing it out by not paying attention on these simple things, how we waste it by forgetting to indulge ourselves a little. We don’t need that much.

Barcelona_ChiqueRomania (2)

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Another epic breakfast we had at Bouqueria. It is an experience you shouldn’t miss. We enjoyed the fruits in all the forms and combinations.

Barcelona_ChiqueRomania (10)

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For lunch I recommend to try Barceloneta restaurant. I think it’s one of the few restaurants where I had a very balanced flavored salmon.

Barcelona_ChiqueRomania (8)

A very nice burger restaurant concept I found at Bacoa Burger. Yes, you can choose all the “layers” and yes, I found vegetarian also. Happy happy, joy joy.

Barcelona_ChiqueRomania (17)

Barcelona_ChiqueRomania (18)

For dinner Lobo and Los Caracoles I liked the most. At Lobo I had the most delicious goat cheese salad. Again, simple and delicious.  I may seem quite easy to impress but if you try it you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Barcelona_ChiqueRomania (14)

Barcelona_ChiqueRomania (15)

At Los Caracoles I had a fish soup. I was scared a little at the beginning about the “monsters” that hang out of my plate but it was tasty in the end.

Barcelona_ChiqueRomania (13)


Another experience worth having is “La Paradeta”. We found it on the internet, in lack inspiration, and when we arrived there and saw that long line I knew it was something special. Half an hour later, a market booth, seemingly alive sea food (some were actually alive), an eating hall. That was all you needed to eat some awesome sea food. The food you choose was sent to the kitchen and then you were called to take it. Bon appetite!

Barcelona_ChiqueRomania (16)

Love, Andreea

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