Juniorii Tuzla

Last week I was invited by my friends in Tuzla to make some photos during their training.

“Juniorii Tuzla” is a kickboxing team. Although very young, they are dedicated and passionate. I liked very much the little ones, whose age doesn’t exceed 10 years old, trying to keep up with the older ones ( which in turn wanted to set a good example and, above all, surpass oneself).

Cosmin is their Sensei and he is also very young (24 years old). He sport for many years and now he trains. I think that’s pretty hard to impose yourself when you’re that young but he does a great job and his apprentices respect and trust him.

The time flew and I had a great time. If you want to follow their activity and see more photos, you can find them on their Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/junioriituzla.

Good luck, guys!

Love, Andreea

Juniorii Tuzla _ChiqueRomania (3) Juniorii Tuzla _ChiqueRomania (1) Juniorii Tuzla _ChiqueRomania (2) Juniorii Tuzla _ChiqueRomania (4) Juniorii Tuzla _ChiqueRomania (5) Juniorii Tuzla _ChiqueRomania (6)

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