What Was London All About (III)

To be honest, London wasn’t on my vacation list this year. It was on a list but without a particular date. It was on “to visit in a lifetime” list and I think I saw myself rather doing this trip at my 40s but here I am.

London-III_ChiqueRomania (2)

I started to tell you about what was London all about because everything was about London, except London itself. I didn’t get to know it too well in my short visit but I enjoyed a little rain from one in a while, enjoying the long walks on those unexpected sunny days and… enjoying cider, lunches and champagne.

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I decided that London was about friends and friendship. My friend Ella announced her wedding to be in “one month” so me and Laura have booked the flight immediately. “Hey! Do you want to visit London since we’re already going there?”. So I said yes to a three-days-stay that was about everything else and a little less about London itself.

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In the first day we left our luggage in great hurry at the apartment just to meet my friends Lav and Vlad for lunch right in the city center. Next day we met Ginuța for “a talk” that transformed in “cider with Ginuța”, “walk with Ginuța” and eventually “coffee with Ginuța”. On the evening we met Lav that gave us a nice tour and we said g’bye right when it started to get dark. I couldn’t have asked for more. I have no words to describe what all these get-together meant to me.

We left London and headed to Runcorn. Seeing Ella again made me emotional. It had been few years since out last meeting but we were still the same. Still us but with something more. Ella took her driving license in UK so she drove us home with her on-the-right wheel car. A whole week, after returning to Bucharest, I checked on what side is the wheel.  Ella has a home now that she decorated it wonderful. I remember so clear our bedsits and student dorm rooms at a time when we didn’t know pretty well how to clean properly our space. What a bohemian life! Now Ella has a ring on her finger and after a quick shower we all started to get ready for the big day. We grew up so much!

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Watching Ella telling her vows made me think about life as a whole. Made me think about this road through life and watching back I could see all the people that stood by my side until now. I could see myself with Ella and Laura in a bedsit, ten years ago, trying to cook a chicken and reading poetry aloud and I knew that no matter where the road of life will take us, no matter how long it will be until we meet again, friends remain friends.

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Ioana & Ben, I wish you all the joy in the world!

Love, Andreea

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