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Posted by on Jul 11, 2017 in Lifestyle made in Ro, Romania's Goodies | 0 comments

Art at the Castle

Art at the Castle

Last week I received an email: new exhibition at the Cantacuzino Castle the theme being the circus and that among the displayed artworks we can find the ones of Toulouse-Lautrec. Wow! I did miss some exhibitions before but not this time.  I took time to go and see Cirque d’Árt.

The Cantacuzino Castle is on a beautiful site and it’s a real pleasure to spend some hours in the gardens and on the alleys. If you’re patient enough or if it’s free there, it’s amazing to get on the swing with such a beautiful view. This time we didn’t get because there were too many children.

This castle was built in ten years and it was unveiled in 1911. It was named after the prince that built it. In those rooms from where the furniture had vanished are organized exhibitions but there is a part of the castle that can be visited separately. I invite you to discover it.


It’s easy to come here from Bucharest. You can arrive here with the train and it takes in between an hour and a half and three hours depending on the train. It took us two hours with the car but we weren’t in a rush either.

The exhibition gathers the works of several artists but, of them all, I was most curious about Lautrec and it really impressed me. I tried to understand what going to a circus meant at that time and how artists found their places in this scene. I had seen an artwork that caught my attention because it represented a scene from the backstage and I was curious of how he did that given the fact that going to the circus was something very exclusive. As I have understood, some artists were recognized and well received at the shows and in the backstage while others weren’t. Toulouse-Lautrec was one of the recognized artists.

If you’re still making plans for the summer holiday you can add Cirque d’Árt on the list. You can see it until November 15th.

And if you have more spare time, you can go to Sinaia because it’s so close and you can visit Peleș Castle too. We took just one day for all of this but felt like we relaxed for the whole weekend.

What are your favorite summer destinations in Romania? Or, have you been to Romania? I really want to know what you think.

Love, Andreea


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