I Love You = Te iubesc

In Romania, love is celebrated on February 24th. This holiday also marks the beginning of Spring and it is called Dragobete.

It’s said that Dragobete, or The Bird’s Fiancee, is the son of Baba Dochia (Romanian mythological character) and that he brings love in our lives. There are many superstitions about this holiday. The girls and the boys used to dress nice and wander through the villages in order to find their chosen one. There are also some practices like picking flowers from the woods or blood brothers ceremonies. Fights are to be avoided and also being alone that foretells another year of celibacy.

Dragobete is also considered the symbol of love in nature, especially that of birds looking for a partner with whom they can build their nest.

I wish you all a beautiful Spring!


Love, Andreea

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