Do you know what happens on “Sânziene” night?

Romania has many beautiful and charming holidays. One of them is Drăgaica (or Sânzienele), celebrated on 24th June. It’s a celebration of the sun and of love.

It is said that on the night before the holidays, the skies open and the fairies come down to Earth to dance on the fields and endow the flowers with magical qualities. The girls and the boys who gather Lady’s Bedstraw flowers, they make wreaths but they also make a wish and then throw them on the roof. If the wreath stays on the roof, the wish will come true. Also, the girls who put the flowers under the pillow, before they go to sleep, will dream their future husband. These flowers, when worn in the hair or cleavage, make girls look more beautiful in the eyes of the boys.

In the morning, people gather the dew found on the flowers because it’s told to have magical powers: keeps the desease away from you, it strengthens the body, increase fertility and also, the girls who wash their hair with it receive more appreciations from boys.


Love, Andreea

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