A Name Like a Heritage

Last week a friend of mine invited me to an opening. It was about a tea house. I accepted immediately because I really like this kind of places and I’m a very curious person and I was wondering what Annette is going to bring on the “stage” in Bucharest.

Annette_ChiqueRomania (9)

Annette_ChiqueRomania (6)

My friends couldn’t come but I could discover in the first minutes an awesome place for communication. All the guests were relaxed and engaged in different conversations even though they barely knew each other. I admired the garden, I visited the interior and I knew that Annette was sensitive and bohemian but I didn’t really know who Annette was.

Annette_ChiqueRomania (8)


Annette_ChiqueRomania (1)

I shook hands with many people and I was asking: “Is this Annette?”

After a little bustle, the nice words of the Marquise de Tea confirmed the artistic sense of Annette. And “Annette” came and told us another beautiful story about heritage, family and friendship. The name was practically left as an inheritance on the maternal side over some generations and our “Annette” are actually two bohemian but determined women that work hard for their dream. We had dance, music and tea (and the traditional wine and champagne)

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Annette_ChiqueRomania (3) The two “Annette”


The evening ended with joy and many funny stories. If you want to feel the atmosphere of an inter-war house, if you want to feel again like on your grandma’s garden or to enjoy a tea and something tasty at a friend’s house, you cand find Annette on Polona 77 Street.

Annette_ChiqueRomania (7)“Friends are family you choose”

Love, Andreea

Update: Unfortunately, Annette tea house has closed.


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