5 Tea Houses to Try This Winter in Bucharest

You know, I know, this is the season of hot beverage. In Bucharest it’s not that cold yet but I’m in the “tea mode” since the autumn came and if you’re in Bucharest and you’re a tea lover I suggest five tea houses that you should try this winter.



You can find it right in the University Square. It’s small and hidden but you can find a nice selection of tea and you can take some for home too. I was very into rooibos tea lately but you can also try the Christmas tea. It’s so this season.

Camera din fata

I highly suggest you to make a reservation because it’s always full and it would be such a shame to miss this place. You’ll be thrilled by the atmosphere as soon as you enter. Don’t leave without reading “today’s esspression”.

P.S.: You can also try coffee.

Green Tea

I also tried the Christmas tea here and it was delish. I was told that this tea is appreciated even in the summer time. The last time I was here, a folk concert was in the program and it was very beautiful. It’s so cool to be here with a large group of friends.


This is by far my favorite teahouse and I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with this place too. I adore the rooibos selection but last time I was excited about the Turkish apple tea. You’ll never want to leave this place. Word! Don’t forget to make reservations because it’s much sought after.


They call it café but we came here for the tea and it was delish. It’s fantastic if you want a place to relax. I took my friends and we laid on the pillows until nightfall. The very good part: a non-stop program.

Love, Andreea

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